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Boreas Features

We hate seeing emerging musicians get overlooked because they don’t have enough time to cultivate followers or enough money to spend on advertising. Great music should gain momentum and spawn all by itself. It should survive and reproduce. Talent without approval should expire and die.

Put Yourself Out There

Easily distribute your music (for free!) to people you pass by on the street

Test the Waters

Get exposure to a large, unbiased audience and instantly see how well your work is perceived.

Explore Talent

Discover new music around your city.

Read the Crowd

Determine which neighborhoods and cities like your music the most.

Get Honest Feedback

Free, unbiased feedback and statistics will help you improve your craft.

Go Viral

Cross the threshold from "unknown" to "famous" without needing a fan-base, extra time, or money.

Why Use Boreas?

As musicians ourselves, we know that sometimes the most talented people are often terrible at promoting themselves. Sorry, it’s true. We don’t all have great confidence, lots of funding, or connections in the industry. We also know people are sick of watching inane reality TV stars and horrible musicians get rich and famous for doing something idiotic, while truly exceptional talent gets overlooked. Every single thing a celebrity posts shouldn’t go viral just because they already have so many fans. No, it should go viral because it’s awesome and people love it. Worthless music should die off instead of crowding out what’s good. We want to see the fresh, new talent get noticed.

  • No need for existing fan-base
  • Free and easy to use
  • Helps newcomers get noticed
  • Immediate, objective, target audience in your location
  • If people like what you’ve got, you move to the next level
  • Get popular fast, don’t get buried by social media giants

Benefits to You

Boreas lets you explore music from other people as you pass by them on the street (audios, videos). Cross paths with other users and bam! You receive their “projection“ to your device. Want to project your own music? Cool, you can do that. Filter what you want to receive and weed out stuff you don’t like. See something you love? Great, when you "like" someone else’s music, you help it move to the next level and get noticed by others. Strong music gets re-projected to more people and gains momentum. Weak content dies out. You decide what goes viral!

Are You a Musician Yourself?

  • Stop passing out fliers, just go walk around!
  • The more people you cross paths with, the more your music spreads
  • Advertise yourself without awkward conversations or risk of rejection
  • Get a large audience instantly; see how well your work is perceived
  • Use free, unbiased feedback and statistics to help you improve your craft

Promo Videos

Promo Videos Musicians: get an immediate, objective, target audience in your location. If people like what you broadcast and it gets enough support, your work moves to the next level where some of your fans automatically broadcast your work as well.

Users: discover new music around your city simply by living your life. See something you love? Great, when you "like" someone else’s music, you help it move to the next level and get noticed by others.

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